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Loop Reel 500
Revolutionary design---Easy to use!
Free up your drill rig for loop installation with the incredible Loop Reel 500, invented by Geo-Loop Inc. Specially designed, the reel can wind the loop in and out of the hole hydraulically and is able to handle larger diameter loop for deeper depth loop installations. Featuring the ability to power the loop reel off of the grout pump hydraulics or versatile enough to be powered off of a skid loader, the Loop Reel 500 has the hydraulic power you need in or out of the hole. The smooth 360 degree swivel base provides remarkable access to the borehole. Conveniently located built-in pressure test equipment provides the testing needed at every job site. Save time and labor today by owning the Loop Reel 500!
  • Unique design features adjustable width and diameter for many applications
  • Massive diameter spool holds 500’ of 1 1/4” loop or 1000’ of 1 1/4” pipe
  • Live water swivel to fill loop as it goes in the ground, as needed
  • Hydraulic power in or out of the hole
  • Handy free wheel ability; capable for loop installation
  • Smooth 360 degree swivel base for easy access to borehole
  • Efficient pressure test gauge
  • Quick couplers for hydraulics, no special tools required
  • Operates off Geo-Loop grout pump hydraulic system or can be operated off of auxiliary hydraulic unit (eg. skid loader)
  • Full length fork lift pockets on both ends of the framework
  • Durable powder coat paint finish
  • 8’ diameter spoke
  • Approximately 970 pounds
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