• 5″ bore, 8″ stroke piston pump with two chrome lined cylinders featuring hammer union construction
  • 5″ standard A-style piston rubbers
  • Stainless steel paddle mixer with hinged lid cover(s)
  • Stainless steel replaceable valve seats
  • Fork lift pockets on both ends of framework
  • Durable powder coat paint finish, custom colors available upon request at additional charge


Custom Built Trailer 76" x 24' custom built trailer, heavy duty adjustable hitch, and sturdy 20,000 pound rating
Trailer Axles Two standard 10,000 pound axles with electric brakes
Grout Pump Innovative Geo-Loop grout pumps to fit all your grouting needs
Hose Reel Grout hose reel mounts on the rear of the trailer and are available in small and large hose reels with capacity of over 1000' of 1 1/4" grout line
Capacity / Loading RateHopper holds over 6,000 pounds of sand with a loading rate of approximately 500-800 pounds per minute
Easy to Load Huge 4' x 7 1/2" opening so hopper can be loaded with ease with a loader using bulk sand or super sacks
Roll Tarp Cover Semi truck style roll tarp cover makes covering a simple one man job
Reduces Manual Labor Greatly reduces the manual labor of thermal enhanced grout
Eliminates Mess Eliminates mess, hassle, and disposal of unwanted empty paper sacks
Safety Grate Safety grate keeps rocks and foreign material out of system
Slide Gate Hydraulic sand slide gate to shut the sand flow off from the auger
Hydraulics Quick couplers for hydraulics, no special tools required
Set Up Sand loader must be filled and used for off road use only, with two jacks capable of supporting the front weight of the trailer


  • 2 5/16″ ball or pintle hitch available
  • Handy bag ripper to rip open super sacks without leaving the loader seat
  • Durable 525 gallon stainless steel water tank
  • Stainless steel water tank table
  • 525 gallon poly water tank
  • Pallet table